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'Absolute poverty' of Victorian age has returned to the UK, says Labour MP

More from Citizen Zero’s real life history, culled from the media. This one relates to how the ‘two nations’ of this future world were created. Find out more about the novel at

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The plight of the young and unemployed is truly scary – and this government seems to have no answers

This might be considered a part of how they created an underclass known as zeros — all part of the living history of my novel Citizen Zero. Find out more at

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BLOG: Reflections on Silas

The darkest dreams are made for real

Nightmares are the stuff of fiction. Mark Cantrell ponders the realisation of the dark vision that is his novel SILAS MORLOCK

Time flies. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was taking part in a roundtable discussion organised by a Manchester hosting company called UK Fast; me and a disparate group of journalists, writers, publishers, and editors, all gathered to discuss the future of books as the digital revolution gathers pace.

Read the rest on my website.

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First Look: Silas Morlock eBook from Inspired Quill, by Mark Cantrell

Be the first to get a look in, folks. Here’s my latest novel, Silas Morlock, a dark urban fantasy with a distinctive dystopian flavour, not to mention a dash of tongue-biting horror, published by Inspired Quill and available in paperback and digital editions…


“Humanity built its monolithic spires of hopes and dreams and tried to believe that the whole sordid mess actually meant something.”

Terapolis is an urban sprawl of global proportions. The vast city state has smothered whole nations, liberated humanity from the tides of history; the place is ripe with secrets…

Here, billions of people live only to give themselves to The Gestalt. An esoteric technology, said to unlock the secrets of creation, it offers humanity the chance to realise its most-cherished and forbidden desires.

For Silas Morlock, enigmatic Master of MorTek, The Gestalt is his greatest achievement, but little time remains to fulfil his purpose and save Mankind from itself; death gathers, an ancient struggle between good and evil nears its peak.

On the other side, the Incunabula; bibliophiles who refuse to stop peddling the items most poisonous to the hold The Gestalt has on human minds.

And then there’s Adam, the misfit dreamer pulled into a conflict beyond his understanding. His own desire will take him on a terrifying journey into the heart of darkness.

Poor Adam, he will learn the secrets of Terapolis; if they don’t shatter his mind, he’ll become the unlikely saviour for good… or ill.

It’s a struggle played out in the shadows, where the lines are blurred, and nothing is quite as it seems. For the lost souls embroiled, the stakes are the very highest.

But secrets are for keeping, in the dark places…

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Introducing the blurb…


A Vampire Short By Mark Cantrell

Out on the road, you find out who you really are.

What you really are…

Escaped killer Daniel is sure of himself. Armed and dangerous, devil-may-care; he’s a hunter – a vampire – on the run from the police and enjoying the ride.

Sarah, she’s just lost; escaping a troubled home, she’s running from herself. Until she meets Daniel, she has no idea she’s running for her life…

Poor Sarah, she doesn’t know who or what she is, but Daniel knows – and he’s going to show her. The two of them were made for each other…

Daniel’s desire will take them both on a road trip to sex and murder, and the destination will reveal far more than either cares to know about themselves.

It’s a relationship blessed in blood – and death is coming along for the ride…


Check out my main site for further details…

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