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New Statesman | Life after privacy: the next generation of public surveillance technology is already here

The real life ‘prequel’ to the novel, Citizen Zero. Find out more at

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New Statesman | Laurie Penny on terror and surveillance: Oh look! There's a new bogeyman on the scene to justify online spying

More media stories that invoke the backstory to my novel, Citizen Zero. Find out more at

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Catch the IQ crew at LonCon3

Sadly, I couldn’t be present at the LonCon3 event in London, but my publisher Inspired Quill and fellow authors have made a good show. Here’s a small selection of tweets from the last couple of days…

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Catch me on Goodreads and find out about my work

If you’re in into fiction or poetry, novels or short stories, then that’s the kind of stuff I’ve got on the go. Join me on Goodreads and find out about my work…

Or visit my website here:

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Join Silas Morlock for a journey into the heart of darkness

In the haunted city of Terapolis, an ancient struggle between good and evil nears its terrifying climax…

Caxton, a man so haunted by his past he seeks solace in the most powerful drug known to man…

Marla Caine, shaped by a betrayal that cut so deep it drove her mad, she will stop at nothing to realise her revenge…

Otto Schencke, a cold killer lost in a tangle of conflicting loyalties, he will do anything to survive…

Adam, a misfit dreamer pulled into a conflict beyond his understanding, he must bear the burdens of a dead father’s question for redemption…

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